From Shelter to Home: The Rewards of Adopting vs. Buying a Pet


Data shows that 6.5 million former pets, including cats and dogs, are lost or abandoned annually and must go to a shelter. Research also suggests that only 3.2 million are adopted. It is also alarming that many of these pets will return to the shelter within a year after finding their home.

When searching for a pet, you may be looking at whether adopting vs. buying a pet is best for you. A brilliant veterinarian will tell you that the shelters are magnificent places to find an excellent dog or cat.

Mahatma Gandhi says, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by how its animals are treated.”

There is no comparison to how you will feel about adopting a pet from a shelter. It is a decision you will never regret, and here is why.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

The love you receive from adopting a dog or cat will last forever. It is unconditional. Whether your furry friend is big or small, their affection toward you has no size constraints.

Whether you wear expensive clothes or drive a fancy car doesn’t matter. Animals will love you regardless of what you have. Therefore, buying a dog from a breeder will not give you any more satisfaction than if you were to adopt.

Do Not Support Animal Cruelty

Puppy mills prioritize profits over the welfare of the animals they breed. Pet care is the last thing on their mind; without it, dogs and cats can become sick. Further, they can suffer behavior problems because of it.

The mothers of the little ones are not treated with compassion. They have no companionship as they are left alone in cages.

What’s worse is as soon as Mom is no longer a money-maker, she can be abandoned or sold and, in some cases, euthanized.

Recent data shows five states that comprise half of all dogs and cats killed in the United States. California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina are these states.

If you reside in one of these five states, you must consider a shelter dog or cat over a puppy mill. You can make a difference in stopping the cycle of cruelty. 

Choose Your Companion

Josh Billings once said, “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

Ask a respected veterinarian, and they will tell you that rescue groups and shelters have healthy pets ready to fill your life with joy. When a dog or cat never asks to be abandoned. Their previous owners discarded them.

Humans have human problems, which lead to animals finding their way to a shelter. When you save their life, bring them home to care for; they will show you love. Adopting a needy pet is an experience of a lifetime and will generate some of your happiest memories. 

Many Are House Trained

Shelters do not exist solely to take in a dog because it is not house-trained. It can be because a pet is getting old and sick, or the family is moving to a home that does not allow pets. 

More often than not, pets arrive at a shelter potty-trained. They need your help in many other areas besides this, including food, housing, love, and exercise. 

Even if a pet requires potty training, the shelter can help with this. Therefore, it is less work for you, and more time to have fun together.

Employees and Volunteers From Shelters Are Valuable Lifetime Resources

You never have to feel alone when you have questions about a pet. People who work at shelters love animals. That is why they do what they do.

By adopting their pets, you can take comfort that you will always be able to find information. They will be a resource for your shelter dog or cat throughout their lifetime.

Since shelter staff work closely with many animals, they have many experiences. This makes them an excellent source with a wealth of knowledge on many pet-related issues.

Shelter Pets Deserve to Find a Forever Home

They have needs like yours. Shelter animals want a loving home where they can feel comfortable and rely on. These pets were treated wrongly and not for any fault of their own.

It is essential to not only put a roof over their head and food in their tummy. You want to keep them healthy, too. Before going to a shelter, check out for a “veterinary near me” so that you can begin proper dog care or cat care right away.

Shelters Are for the Environmentally Friendly

If you recycle your paper and plastic, you care about Earth. Avoiding landfills and preserving our resources is intelligent. Shelters are a lot like “recycling,” but instead of saving the planet, you are keeping the life of a precious pet who needs your help.

In return, you get love without limits. Plus, by not supporting animal cruelty and buying pets through a puppy mill, you are helping the environment.

Support Your Community

As sad as it is, many American neighborhoods need an animal shelter. Adopting supports a not-for-profit organization, but it also helps your local community.

Not only that, but people will often ask where you got your pet from. Telling community members about your source, the shelter helps with word-of-mouth referrals.

While shelters help the animals they keep, they also serve the community. That is why it is a typical mandate for shelters to insist that animals are spayed or neutered. It helps prevent more unwanted pets from being left behind in shelters.

Best Friends Forever

Research shows that all kinds of pets help their owners emotionally. Dogs, cats, turtles, birds, fish, and more positively impact mental health.

A recent poll from the American Psychiatric Association says that 69% of owners say their pets help lower stress and anxiety. Further, 66% say their pets provide a calming presence. Dog owners in this study claim to be twice as likely to be encouraged to be physically active than cat owners.

You don’t need to pay an expensive breeder to reap these benefits. Shelter animals offer the same companionship as breeders and puppy mills do.

Pets give their loved ones a sense of purpose and fulfillment. The world seems less isolated this way, no matter how young or old you are.

The Shelters Are Full

You can help break the cycle of pet overpopulation. Of the over six million companion animals in American animal shelters, approximately 810,000 get returned to their owner. Unfortunately, about 920,000 are euthanized each year.

People may tell you there are not enough homes for many animals. It’s a real problem. While you cannot take them all home, saving one is doing your part.

Just taking home one pet can weaken the overpopulation cycle. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors you adopted. You may influence others to do the same.

Getting pets off the street and away from starvation, abuse, or getting hit by a car could be one of the most extraordinary acts of human kindness you can do. The reward you get in terms of friendship makes it even more mutually beneficial.

Be a Better Person

Immanuel Kant once said, “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”

When you can selflessly love another creature, you have great character, even if it is another species. Plus, loving a pet will help you discover things about yourself that you did not know were there. You will feel less anxious and happier.

The love that will unfold between you and your pet will manifest itself.

Get Healthy Yourself

Animals offer a wealth of goodness for your physical health and your soul. They will mentally stimulate you and raise your quality of life. You do not need to buy a dog or cat to feel better.

A shelter animal can help you with physical activity, whether taking a brief walk or running in the backyard to play fetch. You will have the motivation to keep you fit!

Kim Shotola once said, “Animals are a window to your soul and a doorway to your spiritual destiny. If you let them into your life and allow them to teach you, you will be better for it.”

Be Proud of Saving a Life

The best is yet to come! Your pet will be joyful when you come home after a long day of work or school. Imagine coming home to a pet from the shelter who once lived in a cage and is now leaping to your arms.

Your heart will fill with delight when you think about what has happened. You saved their life, and here you both are. Brighter days have arrived.

Find Your Perfect Match

Research shows that cats are twice as prevalent for adoption than dogs. According to data, two million cats get adopted yearly, while just over one million dogs are adopted.

Shelter animals come in all varieties, including various shapes, sizes, and types. There are usually many dogs and cats to choose from, precisely. Dogs can be big or small and can be purebred or mixed.

You will be able to find something that will suit your family. New pets arrived, even if you do not see what you are looking for at the shelter now. Be patient and keep checking to find the pet you are searching for.

Pets of All Ages

Another excellent benefit of adopting from a shelter is that pets come in various ages. Whether you want young and energetic, you can also find older and laid back.

Statistics show that puppies are adopted most often from animal shelters. By percentage, 42% are puppies, 26% are young adults, and 28% are adults. Senior dogs are adopted the least, at approximately five percent.

Younger animals can require more training and attention. Puppies tend to destroy furniture and household items. However, an older pet that is obedient may suit your lifestyle better.

Shelters often take the time to provide training and socialization. This can make a significant impact on your experiences when they arrive home.

Find a “Vet Near Me”

Another significant benefit of choosing a shelter animal over buying one is that they are usually current on their vaccines. Often, they are spayed or neutered too.

Sometimes, they are microchipped; if not, check for a “veterinarian near me” to help you. You do not want your animal to return to the same situation they were in if they accidentally get lost.

No matter how much pet care the shelter offers, it is still crucial for you to contact a Thousand Oaks Vet and schedule your veterinary appointment. Especially if you have other pets at home, consider going somewhere that offers walk-in appointments to give your new friend a checkup before arriving home.

Exams Are Highly Beneficial

The vet will check their eyes, ears, and mouth. They will listen to the animal’s heart and lungs. A dog hospital or cat hospital will ensure the pet is ready to go home with you.

A fecal sample could be necessary to check for parasites. The vet may draw blood to examine the pet’s internal organ function. It is a good idea to discuss preventative medicine like flea control and heartworm.

The vet can discuss diet and behavior concerns, too. Any questions you may have, this is the time to get them sorted out. Happy pets are healthy, and you can keep them that way!

Adopting vs. Buying a Pet: The Decision Is Clear

At Slaton Veterinary Hospital, we can tell you that if you are contemplating adopting vs. buying a pet, shelters are fantastic locations to find your pet. Adopting is a decision that you will never regret.

Slaton Veterinary Hospital is the place to go when you need a Westlake vet that offers walk-in appointments, health exams, dog surgery, cat surgery, and more. For over 20 years, Dr. Slaton has been practicing veterinary medicine. Dr. Slaton is renowned for working with rescue groups throughout Southern California, helping shelter animals with his orthopedic and soft surgical skills.

After searching the shelters for your next best friend, see Dr. Slaton at Slaton Veterinary Hospital. Make an appointment now.